Jigsaw Puzzle Problem

Jigsaws are a great way to relax. No matter what age you are, you can still benefit from playing a jigsaw puzzle. From animals to seaside scenes to amazing travel destinations and people, you can enjoy the images while solving the puzzle.

For the competitive players, there is a clock measuring your puzzling skills and % completed – try and beat your best time!

How to play: 

Click and drag each puzzle piece into place. The toolbar below the puzzle has some great features to help you along.

   Click on the image symbol to open an image of the puzzle (like looking at the picture on the box!) You can pick the best size for you. Click the image symbol again to close the image.

   Click on the ghost image to add a transparent image to the puzzle board so you can match the pieces to the image.

If you want an easy game, hover your mouse over the square button and select arrange – the pieces will move to the locations they belong to make it easier for you, or if you want a challenge click on disarrange and the pieces will move to random locations.

 Hover your mouse over the three vertical dots to open the pop up box. Here you can restart the puzzle, change the background colour of the puzzle board, adjust the settings of the puzzle, including sound and get help.

   Click on the enlarge button to open the puzzle in a large window. 

Todays Puzzle: Last Sun Rays

Come back every day for a beautiful new puzzle

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