5 ideas for family fun events

Are you looking to host fellowship activities for your church or community group? We have five easy to run ideas for social events. From families with young children, seniors and young adults, these events are sure to appeal to a wide audience!

1. Multicultural Picnic

The great thing about church and community groups is that there is a wide range of people to meet. Why not host a multicultural day where people can bring a dish from their country, or wear a national costume. Its a great way to get conversation started and share excellent food from all regions of the globe. Use and edit our free promotional flyer for your event.

2. Community Garage Sale

Community garage sales are a great way to connect with your local neighbourhood, and raise money for special projects, like missions or church activities. Members of the church and community donate items to sell, and volunteers group the items and set the prices. Use and edit our free promotional flyer for your event.

3. Date night Babysitting

This is a helpful ministry for couples with younger children. Your church or community group can provide free babysitting / kids activities on a weekend night so parents can enjoy a date night together! This is a great service for a special occasion like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

4. Worship Concert

Most people enjoy music. Why not support your neighbourhood talent and host a local artist at your church? You could also have a praise and worship concert for special occasions like Christmas or Easter.  A concert can also be a great way to raise awareness of your church in the community.  Use and edit our free promotional flyer for your event.

5. Community Meals

Meals are great for bringing the community together. Why not host a weekly breakfast or dinner, and use it as an outreach opportunity. Opt for foods that are easy to make and serve to a crowd, such as pasta or soup.


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